Snoop Bloggy Blogg: When SMART Tech Goes Dumb


The Latest Gimmick

Technology is becoming just as stupid and useless as the people who buy into it. 

Honest question, did you really need a smart fridge, a smart oven, smart washing machine, and smart toaster? Does everything in your house need to be able to play YouTube videos?

Now you can cook your gluten free English muffins AND get mercilessly trolled online for it!

Win Stupid Prizes

Well, the other shoe has finally dropped, because there is a problem with the Amazon Web Service right now. The AWS as it’s known is having connectivity problems.

People can’t connect to it, those who are able to get through keep dropping their connection, and now people all over the world suddenly can’t use their vacuums or toasters or doorbells anymore. Yeah seriously, Amazon internet connected doorbells. And when the internet dies, suddenly your doorbell stops working.

I think we’ve all seen this movie before and we all know what happens. This is about a hop, a skip, and a jump away from the robot uprising, am I right?

Suddenly your lightswitches are gonna stop working. I know some people who have smart toilets, they’re gonna swallow you in when you least expect it. And then suddenly your firstborn is locked in your smart dryer.

I dunno about you, but I wanna keep my appliances as dumb as I am.

Does this count as a dumb watch?

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