Trudeau meets Bloc leader in hunt for support for minority government

Bloc Quebecois logo  (CTV News)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is meeting Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet this morning as he looks for support for his new minority government in Parliament.

Trudeau is sitting down with opposition leaders one by one this week, trying to identify areas of common ground where he can get their support for legislation once the House of Commons sits again in December.

Without a majority in the Commons, Trudeau's Liberals will need the backing of at least one opposition party to win any votes and will have to establish that they can get that for their throne speech laying out a general plan for governing.

Blanchet says he's looking forward to progress on issues voters ``made important'' in the October election.

The Liberals and the Bloc have broad agreement on issues such as climate change and the federal carbon tax.

Trudeau met Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer Tuesday.