City of Fredericton to replenish green space, tree canopy at Government House


The City of Fredericton will revitalize and replenish the green space and tree canopy at Government House after receiving a TD Green Spaces Grant.

In a release, the City says the location will benefit from improved shade and aesthetics as the property has been losing canopy coverage for the past several decades due to storm damage and natural succession.

20 Grants were distributed to North American cities to celebrate Arbor Day under the theme "Beat the Heat: Using Green Infrastructure to Cool Down Urban Heat Islands".

The funding covers the planting of approximately 30 trees and 50 shrubs, as well as the cost of a planting event and tree maintenance for the first year.

The City says it plans to work with several local elementary schools to plant the trees in the fall when COVID-19 restrictions lift.

In addition to the planting of trees and shrubs, overgrown and unmanageable hedges will be removed and replaced with diversified, low-vegetation, including roses and trees.

The release states the Arbor Day event associated with the Grant has been postponed from the planned spring date until the fall, pending COVID-19 restriction lifting.