Council asks staff to draft Vehicle for Hire by-law

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City Council has instructed staff to prepare a draft by-law for the licensing and regulation of Vehicles for Hire in Fredericton.

A release says a separate by-law is needed to allow ride sharing businesses to operate within the City, because their business model is different from that of a traditional taxi company.

Taxis can be hailed on the street, booked by phone, dispatched to a passenger or be picked up at a taxi stand, and accept multiple forms of payment, while ride-sharing operators connect to potential passengers via an app which identifies the driver, vehicle and licence plate and accepts electronic payment.

The City says the results of the May 2019 Taxi Services Survey shows 92.43% of the public indicated they would us an app to book a taxi, to know who is driving the car, where the car is located and how long until it arrives, while also showing two-thirds of the public have used a ride-sharing service in another city.

A Taxi Services Review was started in 2018 to address ongoing concerns that community needs were not being met.

The draft Vehicle for Hire/Ride Sharing by-law is expected to be brought forward to City Council in the following month.