Work beginning this fall to help reduce flood impact


The City of Fredericton says it is moving ahead with the implementation of infrastructure upgrades to help reduce the impacts of river flooding in some city neighbourhoods.

A release says some neighbourhoods are impacted by river flooding due to backing up of the city's storm sewer system.

To help reduce the potential for this type of flooding, the City says it will strategically place valves this fall in select locations where the back-up of flood water through the municipal infrastructure can be reduced.

"The floods of 2018 and 2019 were of historic proportions and had a major impact on residents, businesses and municipal operations. We're taking every reasonable measure we can in case of another repeat event in 2020," according to Dylan Gamble, Director of Engineering and Operations. "We will be installing valves in various neighbourhoods, including Lower Saint Marys, Nashwaaksis, the downtown and the East Platt."

The city says this work will be completed before winter and is being funded by the federal gas tax fund.

Staff are also working on an 8-year flood mitigation and resiliency plan that will include a series of projects funded, in part, through Ottawa's Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund.

According to the release, the plan will be comprehensive and include strategies and ideas affecting a range of areas, including transportation networks, transit, storm water, drinking water, waste water systems and emergency response.

The plan will be informed by technical considerations as well as community feedback.