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  • This Fredericton Grandmother is concerned about schools being closed.

    With schools being closed in NB because of Coronavirus, this Fredericton grandmother wonders what working parents are going to do with their kids, and also worried that since she is high risk, she won't want to baby sit them, and really... can you blame her?

  • Get Distracted With These Fredericton Ghost Stories!

    Thank you Aly and Marc for calling me and sharing these stories! I had a crazy experience where I saw something last night walk past my bedroom door, and the moment I saw it... My security cameras started sending notifications to my phone that movement had been detected in my living room... I went out there with a baseball bat but... Nothing... Freaked me out! 

  • Fredericton woman has a plan that could get rid of all the potholes!

    Each pothole I nail with my car grinds my teeth down a little bit more Hahaha! This is the season where they get real bad and I hear from a lot of listeners these potholes are always in the same spots on the same roads! I got to speak with Amanda, and she shared her idea on how to get rid of them!

    Thank you Amanda for calling in today! I appreciate it very much!
    Dean Tripp

  • Haven't done your taxes? Andy has the hook up!

    Fox Listener Andy has some good advice on a place to get your taxes done if you've been putting it off! 

  • Has an ex ever taken this from you? For this poor Fredericton man... She did

    I spoke to Nick today about things you've lost because of a break up or divorce and this.... crosses the line! You don't mess with the bathroom! 

  • Lisa's idea would be perfect for ditching your kids at dinner time!

    Don't you wish a place like this really existed? This would of been too perfect for March Break hahaha 

  • Charles Renshaw News for March 1st 2020

    ICYMI: Here's today's top stories with Charles Ranshaw! 

  • Sabrina shares her reasons for enjoying some alone time!

    Take notes! If you mess with these 3 things in Sabrina's house... You're gonna be doing Netflix and Solo! 

  • Fredericton man lasted 3 years hiding this from his wife!

    3 years Ryan was able to hide his farts from his wife... This man deserves a medal! Give this man a trophy... SOMETHING! 3 years.... 3 years of never farting in front of his wife... That is incredible! I salute you sir! 

  • Doing this to your Belly Button could be the latest thing for men in Fredericton!

    I found one of my old lip rings in my car… I haven’t worn a lip ring in 3 years… I figured I hit 30… it’s time I ditched it… I was also selling cars so I needed to look fancy! Anyways… Found one of my lip rings in my car... Popped it back in… instant regret! It’s a sure sign that I am no longer cool! The old rock star Tripp has come and gone! Now my face hurts! Our web guy Jordon asked me… You disinfect that thing first? Nope… Hahaha! 

    I got to speak with Trenton on the phone tonight, and he shared a story about getting his belly button tattoo'd and pierced Lol! Trenton... You're awesome man! 

  • These are the most MISERABLE jobs in Fredericton!

    I think I’m miserable Lol! The whole reasons I sought after this career is because I lack a lot of patience… The other day I was in a store and this woman was just losing her mind at the cash, you know… the classic “These are supposed to be on sale! There was a sign… These are 2 for a dollar!”, and the poor cashier just didn’t know how to react! The whole line got held up while angry woman took the cashier on a tour of the store to show her where she found the candy bars, meanwhile everyone knows she’s crazy and clearly was looking at the wrong sign! My favourite part was when she blamed the cashier for making her late to bingo… I pee’d my pants! Anyways… I couldn’t do that job! I’m too miserable! I would have just eaten her candy bars right in front of her… How you like that huh? 2 for what now? EhhH?  
    Big THANK YOU to Amberlin and Lisa for calling in and sharing! 

  • The people of Fredericton are annoyed with this!

    Are you also tired of bottoming out over ice and snow on the roads?