Twenty "high end rally cars" travelling from Vancouver to Calgary for a race were intercepted and ticketed earlier this month for erratic driving, according to Mounties.

Police started receiving calls about the group of cars travelling on Highway 1 in B.C.'s Interior around 8 a.m. on May 6.

"Callers described the cars as driving erratically, passing unsafely over double-solid lines and into oncoming traffic, driving at excessive speeds, and having a total disregard for public safety," says a statement from the Golden RCMP

When police stopped the cars, they saw they all had decals identifying them as participants in an event called the RCS Rally. The statement from Mounties says the drivers were co-operative. However, some tickets were issued for "their manner of driving," having cannabis in vehicles, and vehicle defects.

The Golden RCMP said, while they support organized events for motorists, the rules of the road must be followed when driving on the province's highways.

"Those who fail to abide by the rules put themselves and innocent motorists at risk and may find themselves the subject of tickets, vehicle impoundment and, where evidence supports it, criminal charges," said spokesperson Const. Mark Tataryn in a media release.

"It is fortunate in this case that the vehicles were stopped before anyone was injured."