Trivia Tuesday Quiz - July 28, 2020

  1. 1 Which one of these teams did Mike Keenan coach the most games with?

  2. 2 Which coach won the most games with the Florida Panthers?

  3. 3 Who is the last coach to win the Jack Adams Award with a losing record in the regular season?

  4. 4 Who coached more games for the LA Kings?

  5. 5 Which one of these 1,000-point players coached the most games in the NHL?

  6. 6 Paul Maurice has lost the most games in NHL history with 647. Who is the only other coach with 600 career losses?

  7. 7 Which of these coaches has the best career winning percentage in the Stanley Cup playoffs?

  8. 8 Who has coached the most games behind the bench of the Colorado Avalanche?

  9. 9 Which number is higher involving Wayne Gretzky?

  10. 10 Who is the only person in NHL history to be credited with a win in the only game he ever spent as head coach?

  11. 11 Which team did Scotty Bowman have his best regular season winning percentage with?

  12. 12 Which of these coaches won the most regular season games as head coach of the NY Rangers?

  13. 13 Which of these coaches did NOT win a Jack Adams Award with two different franchises?

  14. 14 Which of these coaches were behind the bench for a team the longest?

  15. 15 Who is the last Arizona Coyotes coach to win the Jack Adams Award?

  16. 16 Who spent the most games as regular season head coach without ever getting to the playoffs?

  17. 17 Which of these Hall of Fame coaches appeared in more NHL games as a player?

  18. 18 Who was Guy Lafleur's last coach in the NHL?

  19. 19 Which of these coaches spent the most games behind the bench of the Montreal Canadiens?

  20. 20 Who has won more career playoff games without winning a Stanley Cup?