Trivia Tuesday Quiz - June 9, 2020

  1. 1 Which player has the most career playoff goals – playing for only one franchise?

  2. 2 Who is the only player in NHL history with 7 penalty shot goals?

  3. 3 Which of the following players did NOT finish in the Top 10 in NHL scoring in 10 different seasons?

  4. 4 Which player scored the most career goals – 19 – against Martin Brodeur?

  5. 5 Who holds the NHL record for most career empty-net goals?

  6. 6 Who scored more career playoff goals?

  7. 7 Billy Smith is the New York Islanders all-time leader in playoff wins. Which goalie is second on the list?

  8. 8 Who holds the NHL record by scoring 10 career goals on his birthday?

  9. 9 Other than Guy Lafleur, who is the only other player in Montreal Canadiens history to have multiple seasons of 100 points?

  10. 10 Who is the only goalie in playoff history post 16 wins as a starter in a single playoff year – and have only two losses in the year in which his team won the Stanley Cup?

  11. 11 Which player originally drafted by the Toronto Maple has the most career points?

  12. 12 Who was the first player to have two game-winning goals in Game 7s in the same playoff year?

  13. 13 Which of these players is the only one with 100 career playoff goals?

  14. 14 Who is the only player in NHL history to score 30 PLAYOFF goals with TWO different franchises?

  15. 15 Which of the following players has the most career points for the Buffalo Sabres?

  16. 16 Who is the only NHL player to have 4 different seasons of 100 points AFTER the age of 30?

  17. 17 Which 500-goal scorer has the fewest career PLAYOFF goals?

  18. 18 Which of the following players had 200 career points with the NY Rangers?

  19. 19 Which team did Claude Lemieux win two Stanley Cups with?

  20. 20 Which player holds the record for the fewest assists in a season in which he scored 50 goals?