Check Out This 10-Year-Old Canadian's 'AGT' Audition


When I saw this, my jaw dropped!

Once you watch 10-year-old Toronto resident Roberta Battaglia on America's Got Talent you won’t be able to wrap your head around the fact that this massive voice is coming from such a small person!

Growing up in the age of reality TV, I feel like we’ve come across a ton of extremely talented young people who leave us in awe. There’s always a bit of a disconnect, though, because some of these U.S. shows don't showcase Canadian performers.

If you’re like me, when you were little you dreamed of trying out for some form of competition show like AGT or American Idol, and you’d sing in the shower and think you were soooo good and – even now –  thought you would’ve absolutely slayed one of these auditions. If that’s true, Battaglia's audition may crush your dreams because this is one of the most talented voices I’ve heard on a show like this.

Honestly, if you’re like me, you’ve spent hours watching auditions online for shows like this – and this is absolutely one of the coolest ones I’ve seen. I hope it lifts your spirits! 

Read all about Roberta Battaglia and watch her AGT audition here.