5 Good News Stories That'll Put A Smile On Your Face!


Hey babe, how’s it going? I thought since there’s a lot of not so fun stuff going on in the world right now and hard things to digest we should highlight a few cool/ positive things going on!

  1. Did you know that apparently 48% of Canada’s bosses are done with the traditional 9-5 work day and are interested in letting staff work whenever they want. Now I don’t know about you but hopefully this is true because we don’t hate a sleep in, fam!!


  1. Smithers on The Simpsons finally got a boyfriend (after coming out in a 2016 episode) on the new Simpsons episode that is set to air tonight- about time, right. Single Smithers no more!


  1. Holiday season is officially upon us so tons of pop ups, themed events and holiday festivities are starting which feels really great because I don’t know about you but for the first time in a hot minute it feels like we can actually enjoy the holidays more than we’ve been able to these past couple years.


  1. There is a CEO and engineer, Eric Ingram who is working with a non-profit Mission: AstroAccess to make sure that space exploration is more accessible and inclusive for folks with disabilities. The team is dedicated to designing technology with the help of disabled individuals that will eventually lead to more disabled people being able to explore space!


  1. Adele has gotten rid of the shuffle button on Spotify as the default option when playing albums. This is great for a lot of artists because many put their track list in order to tell a story so this actually fixes that problem when the album would normally be shuffling that “story” out of order. Way to go, Adele!


Hopefully some of that goodness made you smile and gave you a little bit of hope that there is still lots of positive things going on in the world (even when it doesn’t necessarily seem like it). If you have any good news stories feel free to share them or DM them at @therealkyleeroman or @virginradiocalgary on Instagram.

Happy Sunday, friend!