A Cocktail Competition TV Show Is Coming To YYC!


I know for a lot of us the idea of being on a TV show to show off our skills, get recognized and create potential opportunity would be a huge deal! I mean, especially getting discovered as well as winning cold hard cash in the middle of a pandemic…yes please. That’s why if you’re a YYC bartender, mixologist or cocktailing connoisseur or have a friend who is you gotta apply for this new cocktail competition TV show that is coming to YYC! Mixology Masters is coming here to film their show that’s going to pin bartenders and mixologists against one another to test their technique, skills, and creativity in the beverage making world. It looks like they’ll be shooting here for about a month (May 17th to June 16th) with each episode having one technical challenge and one timed challenge. So if you’re quick and creative behind the bar, this might be for you!

So now if you’ve gotten this far you’re probably thinking “oh, since it’s a competition what’s the prize?”  Glad you asked friend because if you win you get a cool $5,000 which can go a long way for anyone as well as bragging rights for winning Mixology Masters.

If you wanna sign up just send in an audition tape to showrunnerwg@gmail.com and let the producers know why you want to be on the show as well as a bit about yourself and some pics of your cocktail creations before February 24th. And don’t stress if you don’t have any pics of your cocktails yet, you’ve still got time and the best part of practicing to make these drinks for the pictures you want to submit…you get to drink them after. It’s truly a win win all around. May the odds be ever in your favor friend, good luck!