A Company in Canada Has Created Face Shields That Clip to the Brim of Your Hat


I bet you never thought there would come a day where you found yourself shopping for a brand new face mask or face shield. Like, unless you’re a medical student or working at a hospital on a regular basis… or I guess if you’re like a welder or something like that. If you’re like me, though, you work in a job and live a day to day life that you never thought would require any type of PPE for the rest of your life… until now.

If you live in Calgary or surrounding areas then you are likely aware that masks will be mandatory in indoor public spaces as of Saturday August 1 2020. Which means that if you haven’t yet you’d better get your hands on some stylish masks to go along with your outfits as this will be life for the foreseeable future. A lot of stores have started to sell masks and face coverings to make profit… but just in case you are feeling like just the mask isn’t enough – a company in Canada has created face shields to keep you feeling extra safe and extra protected during these trying times.

The shield is called the “Cap Shield” and it is available on their website which you can find by clicking HERE.

You can get them for you and also for your children. They’re super cool because instead of wearing the entire head piece that would usually come along with a face shield, you can wear your own baseball cap or wide brim hat and just clip it on. I feel like this would be awesome for flying and travel when you want to ensure that you’re being extra safe and extra cautious.

The fact that these are made in Canada is just the cherry on top of the cake!