TIFF 2022: Dear Mama: What was Tupac Shakur's impact on Hip Hop and Culture?


Director Allen Hughes and producer Jamal Joseph discuss with iHeartRadio's Jamar McNeil the importance of preserving Tupac Shakur's legacy, his impact on hip-hop and the culture as well as never before seen details showcased on the documentary 'Dear Mama'.

Allen Hughes and Jamal Joseph, director and producer of the Tupac documentary 'Dear Mama', talk about their respective experiences with the hip-hop icon, the process of producing the documentary and their hands-on experience with unreleased tracks from the rapper.

'Dear Mama' director Allen Hughes and producer Jamal Joseph chat with iHeartRadio's Jamar McNeil about the contents on the documentary, Tupac's relationship with his mother & his community as well as the process of making the documentary.