• Tyler & Fuzzy Have A Surprise For Danaye!

    Tyler & Fuzzy have a big surprise for Danaye...and we’re pretty sure it’s gonna make her cry!!!

  • Andrew Reenacts the Shawn & Camila Kiss

    Wanted to reenact the Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello instagram video with someone that’s special to me. - The Andrew Uyeno Show. #985virginradio #TheAndrewShow

  • Josie's New Friend Google Home

    I now own a Google Home and it’s great because no one else ever wants to answer my questions - Josie Balka FM #985VirginRadio #TheJosieShow

  • Reaction Video: Camila & Shawn Makeout

    Everyone’s reaction watching the Camilla and Shawn makeout video on Instagram today - Josie Balka FM #985VirginRadio #TheJosieShow

  • Slow-Fies? No Thanks.

    The new iPhone 11 will have a feature called SLO-FIES which are... slow motion selfies 🙄. These are a few examples of what they’re gonna look like and I already feel humiliated LOL - Josie Balka FM #985VirginRadio #TheJosieShow

  • Mean Girls: 2019

    If ‘Mean Girls’ were filmed in 2019, it would sound like this 😂 - Josie Balka FM #985VirginRadio #TheJosieShow


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