Beauties of The Week: An Amazing Light Display by Two Calgary Seniors


Every week we like to crown a Beauty of the Week, honouring people who go the extra mile to make others happy and help others out! Today, we bring you TWO heartwarming stories! 

Sebastiano and Sylvia Cultrera are an 80 year old couple in NW Calgary who believe in bringing the Christmas magic to their family in a BIG way! They have the most UNBELIEVABLE Christmas Display in their backyard! A 23 foot tall Christmas tree of lights, a lit up zipline and even a fireman’s pole that Sebastiano himself slides down! It is so incredible and we just love the effort these two seniors put in to bring joy to their family!


The beautiousness (IT'S A WORD!) continues with a former Flames player helping a woman in trouble!

An Okotoks woman was driving at night last week when she hit a deer on Highway 2A near High River. Even though the air bags went off and she was pretty shaken, she was okay and was able to pull over to the side of the road. Unfortunately, her phone was only at 1% and it died after just being able to get out her approximate location to her boyfriend. There she was, left stranded on a SUPER cold night. A ton of people drove past her, but finally a truck pulled up behind her and a Good Samaritan came to check on her. He reassured her she would be okay, told her to go warm up in his truck and to plug in her cell phone.

After she got in touch with her boyfriend and called police, they started chatting and she discovered that this wasn’t just any random stranger who pulled over to help her out! It was former Calgary Flames Player Curtis Glencross! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?! His account of the whole thing, especially how humble he is about it, makes him a total beauty!