‘Big Brother Canada’ Has Ended Production Due To COVID-19


Well this is very upsetting, especially if you were super invested.

Big Brother Canada took to Twitter today to announce that they have ended production due to precautions in regard to COVID-19.



It is no surprise that the twitter world is extremely devastated because of this. Not only are the cast going to be finished with it, but imagine the amount of crew members working tirelessly behind the scenes who will now be jobless. One of my girlfriends works on set for this show in Toronto and I’m sure it’s an extremely sad scene over there right now.

Along with BBCAN8 being cancelled, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been pushed, a ton of movie releases have been pushed as well seeing as movie theatres aren’t open, and pretty much any show you can think of has gone on hiatus until further notice.

I know television acts as a form of escape for many of us, and seeing these postponements and cancellations isn’t easy for a lot of people, but if we’re looking for the positive side of it, at least there will only be more to look forward to once these TV shows continue shooting. I know you may think that Big Brother would’ve been the perfect situation as they’re all inside anyway, but I’m sure with COVID-19 the risk was alive and well for a lot of the crew members, which is why we can only understand why this was for the better.

If it’s any consolation, maybe you can watch preexisting seasons of all of your favorite shows and get yourself totally hyped up for the day they all come back. We’re going to have a ton of self-isolating to do even when this is over just to catch up on all of our favorite shows.

You can read the full statement HERE.