Cheetos Has Announced That the Official Name for Cheesy Finger Dust Is ‘Cheetle’


Awwwww so cute!

I know this is weird, but the thought of cheesy finger dust residue after eating is a pretty nasty thought if it’s anyone’s but your own, right? Like that little layer of decently thick cheese that’s stuck to the tips of your grubby little phalanges after having a satisfying and not necessarily healthy but definitely delicious snack. You know exactly what I’m talking about, too. You can picture yourself right now… and how it feels… and how it tastes…. When you use your two front teeth to essentially scrape a layer of ‘dust’ off of your finger tip and get that one last taste of your snack before it’s gone for good. Do you feel like you’re reading a food version of 50 Shades of Grey right now? Good. That’s the point.



Cheetos may be the first company to actually come out and name this dusty residue, though, so good on them for being unique. I guess we need to think of this as an opportunity to come up with names for all of the other food dust that generally finds its way to our finger tips before we lick it off. It is now our duty.

For example:

Doritos. They do this exact thing… so let’s forever call it… Dorito Dust? Maybe that’s too simple.

Ketchup Chips. We could call that layer of deep red dustiness… The Ketchup Killer. Get it? Like blood?

Okay so maybe it isn’t as easy to come up with a name for this residue as we thought, so good on the person who was able to come up with a name as cute and catchy and clever as ‘cheetle’.

And sorry if you’re jonesin’ for Cheetos now, cause I know I am.