Crave TV Is the Place to Get Your Oscars Fix Before the Award Show


Okay so let’s be serious right now… watching the Oscars feels prestigious in itself. If you’re anything lik me, you know tons of people who get dressed up solely to watch the award show in the comfort of their own home. It makes you feel extremely special to be a part of it.

Honestly, even just watching the movies that are nominated makes you feel like royalty. You’re sitting there drinking your glass of wine with your pinky up saying things like “ah, yes… I saw that movie. It was quite a master piece.” Even just the word “Scorcese” makes you sound like you know more than the person sitting next to you. By the way, that’s the name of a director. I couldn’t name a movie off the top of my head, though. Hey! If you’re on the same boat, at least you now know you’re not  alone, right?

You can check out the nominations for this year, HERE.

Anyway, back to the point. Watching these widely talked about movies before they’re nominated, or before the show at least, gives you a total one up in comparison to anyone in the room who hasn’t seen it, and just for your viewing pleasure, Crave TV has the hook ups for you to be the most informed person at your Oscars viewing party. They’ll be adding the following movies just for you!

Ford v Ferrari

Jojo Rabbit



Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood


That means 6 of the 10 best picture nominations… aka the most important section of the whole award show. Would it be considered a section? Who even knows – but if you’re not educated on that you can at least be educated on the movies, ja feel?

Happy Watching!