Danaye's Daily Dose for Tuesday, October 12th


Am I the only one having major fomo after missing out on the Northern Lights last night?! I saw people starting to talk about it on Twitter just before 10, went outside and couldn’t see anything, so I went to bed! Woke up this morning to my timeline being completely green with glorious photos from people who stayed up late enough to catch a glimpse! Did you see them and get a great photo? Share them with us on our socials!







The NHL season kicks off tonight and one of the greatest Flames of all time is getting another shot at leading a team. Mark Giordano has been named captain for the new NHL team The Seattle Kraken! The Flames don’t get into action for a few days yet, kicking their season off with a Battle of Alberta on Saturday night in Edmonton.





Drake joined the TSN broadcast crew last night during a Raptors preseason game. He sat courtside with a mic and went back and forth with the announcers for quite a while. He said he’ll be in the stands during the Raptors home opener in a couple weeks adding that he’s going to get quote “blasted that night”.



Record-breaking contestant Matt Amodio’s “Jeopardy!” win streak has come to an end! He won over 1.5 million dollars and became the longest running contestant of all time, playing 38 games. He comes in third place behind Ken Jennings and Matt Holzhauer for most money won.