Danaye's Daily Dose for Tuesday, October 5th

Mayor Nenshi Thank You

Our Cards for Health Care Workers Campaign has been going SO well! Thank you SO much to everyone who has sent in cards, we've collected nearly 2000 messages of love and gratitude that will go out to our overworked and under appreciated health care heroes! Mayor Nenshi has hopped on board and has sent a Thank You Card in the form of a video! 



Hope you survived the Great Facebook and Instagram Outage of 2021! All of Facebook’s apps including What’s App and gaming app Oculus were down for nearly 6 hours, with some speculating it was gone forever. In layman’s terms, something happened with the social media platforms’ coding system and they basically locked themselves out.







A Fringe Mayoral Candidate who is serving time in jail here in Alberta is headed to jail in another province. Kevin J Johnston serving weekends in prison here for threats he made to healthcare workers. When he wraps that up, he’ll have to go to Ontario where he’s been sentenced to 18 months in jail after being found guilty of 6 contempt of court charges. Advanced polls are still open every day this week, if you want to read up on ALL the candidates, not just the convicted felons, CTV has done an amazing profile on all of them.




Netflix has helped to set up a scholarship in honour of Chadwick Boseman. The $5.4 Million dollar Chadwick A Boseman Memorial Scholarship is a will cover four years of tuition at Howard University in the College Fine Arts, which was actually renamed after Boseman earlier this year. Boseman attended the school studying directing and earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in 2000.



Bachelor In Paradise wraps up TONIGHT!