Danaye's Daily Dose for Wednesday, October 6th


The province has announced that contact tracing will be returning to Alberta Schools. The highest number of Covid cases are in school aged children and a TON of schools have cases or outbreaks. Alberta Health will once again post COVID-19 cases online when a school has more than two infections beginning on Wednesday. School authorities will start contact notification on Oct. 12 and AHS will begin contact tracing in November.



Rapid testing will be used for K-6 students when a student attended class while positive. Schools with 2 or more cases will be also listed online so parents and guardians can check. Outbreaks will be declared if there are 10 or more cases in 14 day period.



Jason Kenney also pleaded to Albertans to follow health restrictions this Thanksgiving, reminding that indoor gatherings for vaccinated people should be limited to 10 people of two households, and that unvaccinated people shouldn’t be gathering outside of their home at all. Outdoor gathering limits have been taken from 200 to 20.



A CRAZY scene on Deerfoot last night! A crash between a C-Train and a street sweeping truck left the truck dangling over the side of the Memorial Drive overpass!! Thankfully everyone was okay and the truck has been removed, but it was a pretty intense few moments for sure!



Bachelor in Paradise has wrapped up and as much of a S***Show as this season was, it turns out it resulted in 5 relationships that are STILL GOING!! 6 if you include the Bromance between James and Aaron that saw them piggy back into the sunset with each other! The follow up says they’re actually now living together! Congrats to all the happy couples!