Hand To Hand was created in 2019 by Pitsburgh-based Squonk Opera Inc.

Squonk is celebrating it's 30th anniversary and bringing its Hand To Hand tour to our Olympic Plaza presented by Arts Common Calgary

WHEN : August 29-August 31 2022.



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You'll have the oppourtunity to move these giant hands around. You can even control the movement of each finger.




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As described by the Squonk website:

"Hand to Hand is propelled by 2 giant puppet hands, each the size of a house and rigged like a sailing ship, and music that blows the roof off. The Squonkers, dwarfed by the hands, climb a multi-tiered stage. Music rises from a single finger flicking an organ key, as natural an expression of humanity as a wave or a fist. Squonk's original progressive rock drives a journey that is spectacular, plaintive, and comic. In this melee, the giant thumbs detach to become truly opposable and challenge each other with guitars. Audience members come together to grab the rigging, each individual powering a larger movement of giant fingers, a web of connections, a single dance. We want to encourage shared discovery, people face to face, festive, and making a community of the imagination. Hand to Hand" 

You can pre-register for Hand to Hand tour and they’ll give you a Squonk-themed activity package for your kids.



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