H&M Now Sells Matching Sweaters For You And Your Dog


It’s always good to have big dreams. Maybe your dreams consist of winning the lottery, driving a luxury vehicle, owning a mansion, or in this day and age, owning a home in general… but if your dreams are equally as big but a little more simple, and all you’ve ever wanted was to wear matching outfits with your dog, your time is now! Get ready to THRIVE my darlin’ – because matching human / dog outfits are now available at… wait for it… H&M.

Isn’t this the very best news?! Also do you love the fact that it’s H&M behind this? I only say this because it’s more of a guarantee that we’ll be able to afford to indulge in this amazing idea. If it were Fendi, Gucci, or like… Marc Jacobs we’d be like “nice idea but no way could I ever afford that!” and now we’re just on our browsers searching H&M’s website.



There are a couple different designs available, but it looks like the dog versions of these sweaters run for about $24.99 a piece (USD) and this price does not include the sweater for you. It’s still slightly steep when it comes to price, but you have to ask yourself one question…is it worth it for the ‘gram? Your answer is most likely YES.

The brand they collaborated with for this is known as “Pringle of Scotland” and it looks like there are only two matching dog/human styles to choose from, good thing they’re incredibly cute. You can check out the designs HERE.

Unfortunately it’s being reported that they’re currently out of stock in the US and the U.K for these doggy outfits, but they will restock and H&M shipping is available worldwide (thank goodness!)

Do me a favor, though. If you have a dog… and you do make this purchase, TAG ME IN THE PHOTO I NEED TO EXPERIENCE THE CUTENESS.