KFC and Crocs Have Collaborated to Make Fried Chicken Crocs


I have a few of questions to ask you:

Have you ever thought to yourself “man, do I ever love Kentucky Fried Chicken?!”

Okay next question.

Have you ever thought to yourself “man, do I ever need a new pair of Crocs?!”

Final question.

Have you ever thought to yourself “man do I ever need a new pair of Crocs with Kentucky Fried Chicken pieces on them?!”

If your answer is yes to any or all of these questions, you’re in luck my friend. Crocs is teaming up with KFC to promote a quite literally perfect pair of Crocs. I know, how could Crocs possibly get even better?! Well, they just did. These crocs are designed to mimic an actual bucket of chicken… but wait for the very best part. The hoods of the shoes are equipped with 3D KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN PIECES. Like, this has to be some kind of joke, right?! Wrong. This is real life.

If you’re someone who doesn’t already own a good pair of Crocs, you literally have zero idea how good life can be. Like, you know how Buckley’s has that saying that goes like “it tastes awful and it works”? Well, Crocs should have a similar saying that goes like “they look awful, but they work”

Growing up, Crocs were a staple in my home. There was always a pair of, and let me get this straight, FURE INSULATED Crocs at the bottom of the stairs for my mom to slide on when she went outside to let the dog out in the rain or the snow, and then a couple of just plain old plastic Crocs laying around to slip on if need be. They’re actually amazing. My mom even has Croc winter boots. What can I say? We’re a Croc family.

If you or someone in your life is the type of person who would just die for these extremely stylish Crocs, you’re hanging out with the right people, I’m just saying.