Local Calgary Dude Starts ‘Quaran-Tune A Day’ and Takes Song Requests for Donations to Red-Cross


If I’ve learned anything through the process of all of the absolute craziness we’ve experienced lately, it’s that one of the only anecdotes in regard to forgetting about the madness, is a really good song. It’s easy to get lost in the news and the coronavirus memes and the panic of the people around you, but it’s also extremely easy to get lost in music. Like, the other day ‘The Bones’ by Maren Morris came on and I swear for the first time in weeks, while that song was blasting into my ears, I forgot about what was happening in this wild world for just a moment. I mean, the song ends and you remember, but the momentary bliss is really peaceful.



People locally around Calgary have been taking the coolest and most creative initiatives during these trying times to help people as much as they can. There are so many ways to do good for others when things are going south like they have been. You can donate to the food bank, get groceries for the elderly and immune deficient, or you could simply give people some general enjoyment, which is exactly what Calgarian Ryan has been doing on Instagram.

He started something really cool called ‘Quaran-Tune A Day’ where he’ll cover a song, by request, in its entirety (and he does it extremely well, might I add). You can make requests for which songs you want to hear with a donation to the link in his bio, which you can also find HERE. All proceeds go to COVID-19 relief efforts through the Canadian Red Cross.



He’s been covering songs that’ll suit quite literally anyone… from Jonas Brothers and John Mayer to City and Color and Chris Stapleton. I promise, you’re going to love it. Feel free to give him a follow and show some support, or request your favorite song for a small donation.

If you know of anyone in the community doing good deeds, feel free to tag them in the comments section on Facebook.