Looks Like Netflix Is Cracking Down On Password Sharing...Again...

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Whether you share it with your family, friends, partner or maybe even your ex has the password to your account; you’ve either given or mooched a Netflix password. The holy grail of password sharing. Right now you can technically share one account having multiple profiles under a single login. And Netflix is straight pissed because their losing quite a large chunk of change because everyone and their mom (grandma, sisters cousin twice removed, aunt’s ex-husband and neighbor) are sharing accounts this way!

So let’s break this down…The basic Netflix Canada plan is a cool $9.99 a month. Pretty reasonable for some quality (and some “meh I can toss this on for background noise while I scroll Instagram”) shows.

Netflix's elevated the dish with their next tier up that costs $13.99 a month which allows you to watch shows on two devices at once.

People who pay for a premium plan (this is where I’m assuming most sharing comes into effect because who can afford rent and streaming subscription that costs as much as a large pizza) for $16.99 a month which allows you to watch on four devices at the same time and in HD and ultra HD video.

BUT and this is a pretty big but… these plans are technically supposed to be used by people who live in the same household. ERGO, some (most) users are avoiding this stipulation by sharing passwords with the entire neighborhood.

It looks like some research findings show that out of Netflix's 137 million customers, about 13.7 million are not paying $9.99 a month, which equates to a magic number somewhere around $135 million in missed sales for Netflix each month…OUFFF. So I guess them cracking down on password sharing kind of makes sense when you see that giant chunk of cash being missed out on.

Now we’ve been warned about this password sharing shenanigans before but is that gonna stop us? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if our “shared” accounts magically log us out one day,  to which we will probably still find a way to “borrow” our pals.