Maroon 5 Put Out The Lyric Video For Memories


It’s amazing to think how consistent Maroon 5 have been through the years. Think back to almost every year in the past 20 years and Maroon 5 has had at least one hit each year. And this year is no different! Maroon 5 have gone through a lot in the past few years, from performing at the Super Bowl to the incredibly sad loss of their long time friend / manger Jordan Feldstein. This song is actually for Jordan. To go with the song Maroon 5 just put out their lyric video for the song. Now warning you, you may cry a few times while watching this video. The song just hits you right in the feels. You start thinking about people you have lost in your life. But the song is also very optimistic. Adam is fondly looking back at all the times they had together. And this lyric video is a great representation of that. In this video you see many famous props from their past songs and videos. If you really sit down to think about it Maroon 5 have been in our lives for years. Most of us grew up with their music in the back ground. Even to this day we continue to grow up with their songs. This video is a perfect representation of that. While watching it you will have memories brought back of what you were doing when you first heard that song or first saw that music video. Maroon 5 is a band like no other. There aren’t many bands who can remain this popular and keep putting out hits every year. When the best of lists start coming out for the decade don’t be surprised if you see Maroon 5 on those lists multiple times.