Meet Auggie The Worlds Oldest Known Golden Retriever Who Just Celebrated Her 20th Birthday!!!


Well this is hands down the cutest story you will read all day! And man oh man do we need FEEL GOOD stories right now, right?!

Meet August, the world oldest known golden girl! She just celebrated her 20TH BIRTHDAY!!! look how sweet this lil baby is!!

GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue / Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt

This lil babe has had 3 homes in her life and when she was adopted at 14 years old it was almost a surprise anyone would take her as most goldens average lifespan is 10-12 years! But Auggie has defied the odds!! what a precious lil bean!!
she spent the day eating carrot cake (doggo friendly obvs) with her doggie friends and her owners. 

GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue / Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt

Now maybe you're like me who HAS A golden and wondering omg omg how the hell do I keep my bb so healthy for so long! Well the same rescue that helped Auggie find her furrever home shared these tips on their facebook page on how to care for your golden!

The GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue also has some tips on how to make sure your Golden Retriever lives long and prospers (which actually fits most dogs, not just retrievers):

1. Listen to your veterinarian, as they will know your dog and will be able to give the best recommendations and plan actions to keep them healthy.

2. Listen to your dog. They communicate even without communicating—if you see them react negatively to food or certain activities, then change it up.

3. Feed your dog a quality dog food, as better food will ensure better health, a better mood for your dog, and you’ll avoid most of the vet bills that you’ll be otherwise saving for with poorer quality chow.

4. Groom your golden retriever regularly, as it will keep them looking their best and keep them healthy as it prevents things like ear infections, gum and teeth or even skin issues.

5. Lastly, exercise your golden retriever regularly to keep their heart and muscle strong.