Amazon Delivery Guy’s Reaction To Someone Leaving Him Snacks Will Make Your Day


The holidays are a ton of work! There are so many people on this earth that work so dang hard during the holiday season to make sure it goes smoothly and as you’d like it to. I mean, the list could go on and on, but because you deserve it, let’s start with you.

Think of how hard you work around Christmas! You work hard for money to be able to afford gifts for your friends and family. You work hard racking your brain trying to think of the perfect things to get for people. You work hard cooking meals that people will love and remember. If you work in an industry that thrives in this time of year (like retail or Canada Post) you absolutely are working your butt off.

If you’re not one of these people that works in service industries that really boom when the holidays get here, I bet you can’t even imagine what it’s like. I mean, I can barely remember it myself. I used to work at the mall during the holiday season (at The Body Shop with eternally moisturized hands but man was it ever tiring around Christmas). Next time you’re at the mall, try not to overlook how much hard work goes into keeping each and every store in proper gift buying condition.

So now that we’re done recognizing people who work in the mall, let’s think of the people who DELIVER FOR AMAZON. My goodness, heck of a job! That is why this video is going so viral. A household that ordered all of their gifts online left a box of snacks for Amazon drivers, that this one man’s reaction in particular is the most heartwarming thing in the world. If this doesn’t have the ability to make your whole day, I don’t know what will.