How to get inside Calgary's Red Lot Flames viewing party on Wednesday

The Calgary Flames' Red Lot community viewing party at Stampede Park. (Photo courtesy Calgary Flames/NHL)

Tickets will again be needed to access Calgary's Red Lot viewing party on Wednesday when the Flames take on the Edmonton Oilers in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and they will now be non-transferable.

The Calgary Flames made the decision to change the venue to a ticketed (but still free) event ahead of Game 7 on May 15 in an effort to "enhance the fan experience" by decreasing the line and wait times for the RED Lot and "ensuring the safety of everyone in attendance."

Tickets for Wednesday's viewing party are again free, but have to be secured in advance via the Calgary Flames website starting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

The move to make the tickets non-transferable comes amid complaints on social media that some people were selling the complimentary tickets for a profit.

The Calgary Flames say tickets to the Red Lot are now subject to the following restrictions: 

  • Fans can obtain a maximum of two each;
  • Fans are asked to order only "what you know you will use" to avoid wasted tickets; and
  • Fans are asked to arrive early as space is "subject to availability."

The Red Lot viewing party at Lot 3 on Stampede Park will open two hours before puck drop, at 5:30 p.m., and close once the game ends.

The Flames are asking those without a ticket not to come to the site.

It's also important to note that a ticket to the Flames game does not provide access to the Red Lot.

"We understand that demand for Red Lot tickets will very likely outweigh supply, and would like to reiterate our tremendous gratitude for the extraordinary support of the C of Red," a Tuesday news release said.