Matthew Tkachuk sends support to Edmonton Oilers mega-fan Ben Stelter

Ben Stelter is not a Calgary Flames fan. He's actually a fan of the Edmonton Oilers, and also a huge inspiration to all of the players on that team.

The five-year-old, who is battling brain cancer, has become a viral sensation for his online videos showing his dedication to the orange and blue. 

Before the Oilers and Flames faced off on Wednesday, Stelter's dad posted a video for his son's on-ice heroes.

"Hey guys, you guys win a game and let's get Tkachuk," Stelter's said.

Stelter then proceeded to fire a Nerf gun at a picture of the Flames forward.

Tkachuk didn't take offence to the video.

In fact, after he saw it, he posted his own video on Thursday via the Calgary Flames' official account to say all of the Flames are all behind the youngster.

"Hey Ben, I'm sure you're not the biggest fan of me," he said in his video.

"I could tell by the video of you shooting a Nerf gun at me. But everyone here in Calgary is cheering you on and we're all big fans of you."

We have been inspired by Ben Stelter’s courage and strength - Matthew and the entire #Flames family is rooting for you! ❤️@EdmontonOilers | @m_dan25

— y - Calgary Flames (@NHLFlames) May 19, 2022


The video was a touching exchange that helps keep life in perspective.

"It's way bigger than hockey, and it doesn't matter who you're rooting for, we're cheering him on," Tkachuk said.

"We know he doesn't like us and that's just what the game brings, but we're all obviously thinking about him and his family.

"He's a true warrior and we're definitely cheering him on and hoping for the best for him."

Stelter's dad has since retweeted Tkachuk's video, thanking the Flames for the love, and saying they can be friends "off the ice."