Nick Lachey Responds to This ‘I’m OBVIOUSLY Nick Lachey’ Comment on 'Love is Blind'


I think it’s officially safe to assume that if you haven’t physically seen the Netflix show ‘Love Is Blind’ that you’ve at the very least heard of it, right?

Just in case you haven’t, I’ll give you a quick teeny tiny synopsis and then we can move on. 20 women and 20 men got together in a house. They weren’t allowed to look at each other as they were dating (hence, love is blind). They’d go on dates in pods, where they’d sit alone but they could hear each other. They had a certain amount of time to get to know one another and in the end if they want to, they propose. It’s all in the name of an experiment to decide whether or not… well, you can guess the rest.

Nick Lachey (you may know him from his TV series ‘Newly Weds’ with Jessica Simpson back in the day, or the band 98 Degrees) and his wife Vanessa are the hosts of this show. If we’re being honest, the show doesn’t need hosts but that’s okay. In the very first episode of the show, Nick and Vanessa come out to introduce themselves to the group and Vanessa goes “I’m Vanessa Lachey” and Nick goes “and I’m OBVIOUSLY Nick Lachey”. As soon as you hear him say that you’re like…. Okay buddy it truly isn’t all that obvious, but whatever.

It was just really funny, for what turns out to be every single person who watched it. The moment was trending on twitter, it had a thread on reddit, and a lot of us probably thought that Nick Lachey hadn’t batted an eye, right? WRONG. He tweeted this today.




Anyway, long story even longer… I found this hilarious and had a dire need to share it with you. I hope it made you laugh.