Noël Christmas Indoor Light Park Is Coming Back To Calgary This Season


It’s really nice to hear about things that once brought us joy, finding a way to make a comeback amidst all of the madness that 2020 has brought upon us since the beginning of March.

I mean, we do know that the lack of sporting events and concerts, although completely earth shattering for many of us, is all in favor of our health. That being said we’re allowed to be upset that this is happening, but we also need to show grace and understanding in the way we react to these closures and cancelations. I think most of us have found our footing in that sense, but I do love it when they find ways to keep our spirits alive.

In this case I’m talking about Christmas spirit! It turns out that the beautiful light display, or what they were calling a light park, will be happening once again at the BMO center! If you’re anything like me, you never made it last year, but you know exactly what it looks like via all of the photos you would’ve seen on social media. It looked absolutely stunning and we can’t wait for this to be a thing again.

There are going to be over a MILLION lights and even DRINKS. Could it get any better than that? I think not. It’ll be happening November 26-January 3 which gives all of us plenty of time to get in there and get our share of it. I assume that since it’s an indoor public venue, masks will be mandatory, so our pictures are going to have a much different aesthetic than they once did… but hey, if it’s in the name of safety and holiday spirit, how can we complain?

You can get early bird access and notifications when tickets go on sale HERE.