Pete Davidson's Text Conversation with Kanye West has Leaked


Are we terrible people for grabbing the popcorn to read these text messages between Kanye West and Pete Davidson? Yes, absolutely? Is it a nice, welcome distraction from REAL conflict going on in our community and the around the world? ALSO YES.

Kanye West has been making some pretty terrible comments about Kim Kardashian for the last few months, including attacking her parenting. Plus there's the whole thing where Kanye made a pretty disturbing music video featuring a claymation him decapitating a claymation Pete and burying him. Now Pete Davidson has had enough and sent him a few texts demanding he leave the new couple alone. 



WHOA. The selfie in bed with his ex is pretty savage, but can you blame Pete for being fed up? Yikes. Also, some very observant people have noticed a new piece of ink on Pete's chest. If you zoom in, you can see "KIM" written just over his right pec. 


A scary situation for Hailey Bieber over the weekend. She was taken to hospital after she started suffering from signs of a stroke. She posted about the ordeal on her Instagram story saying that doctors discovered a small blood clot in her brain but that her body had passed it on its own. She says it was one of the scariest moments of her life and that she's very grateful for the doctors who took care of her. 



Justin, the always supportive husband, posted to Instagram that you can't keep Hailey down! <3