The North American House Hippo Is BACK!


Picture this…you’re a kid growing up in the nineties. You’re getting jazzed at the fact that you just got home from school and can barely wait for your favorite episode of The Simpsons or SpongeBob to come on. You’re plunked in front of the tv and your mom just brought you the dinner tray (yeah you know the one I’m talkin’ about). She puts your favorite dinner in front of you, you get all cozied up, take a few bites and food then all the sudden pick your head up from your dinner during the commercial break because you hear “it’s nighttime, in a kitchen just like yours…the North American House Hippo…” AND just like that your dream of owning a small pocket sized “House Hippo” becomes all too real. For years you go on believing you can own a house hippo. You even stay up late to try and see if one has entered your home by chance. You leave out water and peanut butter toast for it in hopes that you will catch some small crumby foot prints on your kitchen counter; alas…it never happened BECAUSE YOU WERE DECIEVED AND THE HOUSE HIPPO WAS A LIE! Sorry…still a bit butt hurt about it.


ANYWAYS…the House Hippo is back! MediaSmarts (the organization that deceived your whole childhood and originally came out with the House Hippo ad) has created a new ad for Media Literacy Week (October 7 to 11). The House Hippo come back is part of the MediaSmarts “Break the Fake” campaign, which targets determining media literacy and if a news story is true or untrue. I guess this would make sense considering we all believed that precious little House Hippo was real for most of our childhoods. Now that we all know better (even though we still really really wish we could own a house hippo) you should check out their new ad sans peanut butter toast crumbs!