They Finally Redesigned Sonic!

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is back. After the internet complained the studio delayed the movie to redesign Sonic. This is an amazing example of how powerful the internet can be. Your voice is one of the most powerful things you own. The fans hated the first design of Sonic so they went back to the drawing board and made the Sonic we love come to life. Now this could be a huge promotion for the movie. It has you thinking maybe they made a terrible design of Sonic knowing the internet would be in an outrage. So many people were talking about the new Sonic movie because of how bad people thought Sonic looked. Either way this redesign will have you smiling. Finally they have made Sonic the Hedgehog look the way we all remember growing up! Jim Carey isn’t the only person now we are excited to see.


Now this moment in time might change the way we look at movies. The fact that they delayed a multi-million dollar movie so they could make changes for us is almost unbelievable. Now a problem might arise if everyone starts complaining every time they don’t see a trailer they don’t like. Agreed that the first design of Sonic did not look great, but now the Sonic movie looks like a lot of fun. It brings back memories to when you got that very first Sonic hand held game. The game you played on long road trips with your family. Or you remember watching your older siblings play Sonic as you bug them for a turn. Now this movie might not become our favourite but it will bring a smile to our face. It looks like a fun family movie that will bring back memories of growing. Thank you Sonic for being apart of our childhood.