This 91 Year Old Man Has JUST Started Going to the Gym


Finding fitness motivation is so freaking difficult.

Sometimes, even on a day when you have nothing to do, the thought of getting up and putting on your gym clothes and strapping on your running shoes all to go to the gym and sweat and work hard when you’re not in the mood to, can be the hardest thing on the face of this earth.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, some people live for it. There are people out there who feel as though their day is incomplete until they’ve gotten their workout in. I want to tell you I am one of those people (because I am) but people who say this have a bad rep, so pretend I don’t LOL.

It took time to get to a point in my fitness routine where I actually started to enjoy the feeling I get from going to the gym. It made me feel self-conscious and bad long before it ever made me feel really good. There were days when the thought would even cross my mind: “it’s too late, what’s the point in starting now?”

If this is your mindset, get ready for it to be changed immediately. This 91 year old man in Alabama,  Lloyd Black, has just started his fitness routine. According to this article, he started to feel like his house hold chores were getting harder and wanted to change that. The article can be found HERE.

He even wears overalls and a plaid button up shirt while he works out. It’s pretty hard to deal with how cute this is, and it’s also pretty hard to feel unmotivated after seeing this. It is quite literally never too late to get a hold of your fitness and to be your strongest and best self.

If this doesn’t make you want to work out later, I don’t know what will!