This Friendship Started From A Wrong Number

thanks giving

Holidays truly do bring people together and the internet does as well. A few years ago a grandmother tried to invite someone to Thanksgiving but accidentally sent the invite to a stranger. Now when you get a wrong number the last thing you expect is becoming friends from it. And for a few years straight this stranger still shows up to her Thanksgiving dinner. From a mistake turned into a beautiful friendship. Something that started out bad turned into something beautiful. This is one of the many reasons that makes the internet so amazing. We have been able to follow this incredible journey over the years. Hopefully this never ends and they keep this tradition going. It is such a pure friendship. If we can take anything from this it’s to welcome in people into your life, because you never know when something can turn into a life changing friendship. Just imagine all the things they have learnt from each other! The stories they have shared over dinner. Holidays and family are a beautiful thing. This story just goes to prove that. Maybe one day they will end up making a movie about this story. But for now we will follow along with their journey on twitter. If you know of someone who doesn’t have family to spend  the holidays with why not invite them in? Make a friend and lets bring this world together with kindness.