30 Things I Learnt 30 Days Before My 30th Bday: Part 12/13/14/15


We're  halfway there with the 30 Things I Learnt 30 Days Before My 30th Bday kickin’ today off with lesson number 12….Compliment strangers. Honestly we don’t do this enough and I’m not sure why we don’t. If you see someone with a fly fit or love something about them or what they create on the internet...TELL THEM! Everyone could use a little extra love, plus who doesn’t love getting a compliment to boost their confidence.

13. Do things by yourself. You don’t need anyone else to go with you on that drive, that trip, to go see that movie or play arcade games with you...go by yourself boo. Don’t sleep on incredible moments because you think you need someone by your side cause at the end of the day, you come in this world alone and you leave alone so what better time than now to get comfy with yourself.

14. If someone wants to leave let them. That being said when you want to leave, go. Life is too short to give or accept mediocre love into our lives. We also do not beg someone to stay in our life if they want to leave and we do not make someone beg us to stay- that serves neither of us. So be honest and true to yourself and really ask yourself if you’re wasting your time or someone else’s time because who really wins with that kind of energy at the end of the day? Neither of you.  

15.People can learn and grow and change their mind when new information is presented. We are not bound to the humans we once were. Growth and development is inevitable if you let it into your life. So recognize that and be okay with the fact that people can change when that growth happens.