5 Reasons to Watch Taylor Swift’s Acoustic ‘Folklore’ Session on Disney +


If you’re anything like me… you are a ride or die Taylor Swift fan. A Swiftie, if you will.

Like, you’ve been there since day one waiting outside of concert venues, radio stations (ironically enough) and TV appearances just for a chance at a glimpse of her beauty and grace and poise in person. I know I sound like a crazy person… but I do need to preface why I was so excited about the release of her latest album ‘Folklore’ as an acoustic session via VIDEO on Disney +. It is quite literally a treat to watch, and it’s right at your fingertips as we speak.

The entire album was written and recorded in isolation during the pandemic, which makes it all the more special, and all the more relatable. She’s joined by two of her biggest collaborators on this album, Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner as they talk about the process of writing the album and the meaning of all of the songs.

Here are 5 definitive reasons why I believe from the bottom of my heart that you need to watch this on Disney + at some point this weekend.

  1. Taylor Swift Is Literally So Down To Earth In This Movie

I think if isolation did anything to any of us it’s bring out our true genuine selves. Our natural hair in whatever form it may be, our coziest outfits, and our true deep feelings that we like weren’t ready to feel but we had no choice but to feel them. Taylor felt all the things we felt, but she had the creative knack to turn it into something publicly beautiful, and that truly gets showcased in this Disney + special.

  1. She Explains The Meaning Behind Every Song

If you’ve listened to Folklore a bazillion (yes that’s a word) times like I have, you probably think that you have it all completely and fully understood inside and out, but I PROMISE you don’t. The way she explains these songs to you in this movie is unbelievable, and it’ll give you an entirely new take on the whole album it’s actually crazy. 10/10 would drop whatever you’re doing and go watch it right now.

  1. She Swears

I know this is weird but if you’re like me you’ve always pictured Taylor Swift as an immaculate being who is made of sugar and porcelain, and hearing her swear gives her this whole new essence of personification that she didn’t have before for some reason. I mean she also swore in her last documentary but it still is just as invigorating every time. I know I’m weird, whatever.

  1. She Will Change Your Point of View On Several Topics

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but there are a couple of things that she touches down on in this movie that will make you completely think differently about a few separate topics. It totally varies between relationships, women, love… I am dumbfounded by some of the things I learned while watching.

  1. It’s A Pandemic And There’s Nothing Better To Do

This one kind of explains itself.

I promise you, you’ll regret skipping out on this movie more than you’d regret watching it. Give it a try this weekend.

Okay, love you bye.