5 Reasons Your Socially Distanced New Year’s Eve is Actually a Blessing


Everyone knows this year was weird as hell.

Like… it was weird to a point where we are almost pushing it out the door. Good riddance, see ya later, you will not be missed. Although it is a good idea to count your blessings whenever you can, 2020 has been extremely challenging when it comes to finding the blessings. When they do come, though, they are massively apparent because they stick out like a sore thumb in comparison to all of the craziness life has thrown at us over the last 365 days. I guess comparing blessings to sore thumbs is a little unorthodox, but in 2020… anything is possible.

One blessing that we should be CELEBRATING in a timely manner, is that fact that honestly… a new years eve where we don’t have to commit to social gatherings isn’t the worst thing in the world. I know there’s a lot you likely feel like you missed out on this year in regard to socializing… but this is one over rated holiday that we can do without.

Here are some logical reasons:

  1. We celebrated last year and look where that got us LOL

Last year we all celebrated the New Year HARD CORE. Like… we rallied like it was 1999. We were like The Great Gatsby all over again. Spending money on outfits made of sequins, paying cover charge, kissing strangers, clinging to the promise that 2020 would be OUR YEAR. It was a hell of a year for sure… but not the one that we wanted, let’s be honest. Maybe if we enter this new year slowly and quietly with a more shy and uncertain approach… it’ll be better. Let’s try it, shall we? I mean, not that we have a choice.

  1. You don’t have to find someone to kiss at midnight

I mean, this is more directed at the single people like me but finding someone to kiss at midnight can be stressful, and when you don’t have someone it can be sad. If the plan is a chill night at home, and you’re fully aware of how “covidy” kissing a stranger is right now…. Then there’s nothing to sweat about. Kiss your champagne glass and call it an evening to remember (or forget, the choice is yours).

  1. Oh, the money you’ll save…

I saw this meme that was like “if you want to make this New Year’s feel like last new year’s just burn 200 dollars throw another hundred down the toilet and cry after” and it’s so true! Every year on new year’s we spend so much money and if you’re anything like me, the most extravagant expensive New Year’s Eve parties always end up being the most disappointing.

  1. This may be your only not hungover New Year’s Day For a long time

Let’s get real… if we’re allowed to party next year, we’re going to. And we’re going to party harder than ever before, solely because we miss it. So use this year as an opportunity to not feel like absolute garbage on New Year’s Day LOL.

  1. We’re blessed to be saying goodbye to a year like this one

With any experience as hard as the entirety of 2020, there comes a ton of life lessons. It’s just how life works. We’ve learned a lot, but my goodness we couldn’t be closing out this year and starting a new one soon enough. I know some people say that New Years is a silly tradition cause it’s just another day… but it truly is a hopeful occasion and this year we can be nothing but grateful for it. See ya, 2020. You will not be missed.