7 Year Old Hosts a Prom for His Babysitter after Finding out She’ll Be Missing Hers Due To Covid-19


I always hear a ton of jokes about young kids falling in love with their babysitters. I never know if this holds any truth, as I did have a ton of babysitters growing up, but they were all female, so I never experienced this first hand. The thought is hilarious if this is true, especially in this particular situation because this 7 year old kid has ultimate moves. He found out his 17 year old baby sitter wouldn’t be attending her prom, as it, along with the rest of them all over the place, had been cancelled because of the pandemic. We’ve seen a lot of stories with very creative social distancing proms and grads, even right here in Calgary, but this one has got to be the very best of all of the ones we’ve seen. Like, could this possibly be any cuter?

As a nanny right here in YYC (I do that part time after my radio job) it is so essential that you become very close with the family, to a point where you almost become a part of it. Maybe only the luckiest of nannies and babysitters get welcomed into the family to that extent, but looking at these photos, it seems as though this lovely girl did nothing less than that. All of this went down in North Carolina. It had been a while since 7 year old Curtis had seen his Nanny, Rachel, due to the unforeseen circumstance. So, I mean clearly this kid with the best head on his shoulders, knew exactly what he wanted to do.

The photos from this mini prom are so wholesome, and honestly… if the whole “you always fall in love with your babysitters” thing is true, this kid probably had the night of his dreams. SO wholesome.