74 Year Old Woman Marches In The States With A Walker

74 year old

There is a powerful video going viral on twitter right now. It’s a video of a 74 year old woman marching for justice and to end racism. This video will give you chills and at the same time restore a bit of faith back to humanity. In it you will hear people offering her water and making sure she’s okay. They are protecting her and making sure she is okay. She is determined to fight for what she believes in and is using her voice. Even though she is using a walker to get around that is not stopping her. There has been a lot of talk about racism recently. Many friends I see talking about it on social media. This is important. We need to keep having those awkward conversations about racism. Those conversations will bring awareness and hopefully one day we will live in a world where we all love each other no matter what we look like. Just wanted to say I love you and hope you are staying safe.