8 Reasons Adam Sandler Should’ve Been Named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’


Every year, the sexiest man alive is named by People magazine.

This year, Michael Jordan was named the sexiest man alive. It makes sense, completely. There are several men that I feel are being overlooked every single year. This is because they’re not necessarily conventionally sexy on the scale that’s being used, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be considered, right?! Right.

Like, the fact that people like Steve Martin, Post Malone and the guy who played Gunther in the TV show ‘Friends’ didn’t make the list is an absolute travesty, but Adam Sandler not being on here is a literal crime. So here are some reasons why he should’ve won this year:

  1. Big Daddy

10/10 movie from start to finish. Absolutely hilarious, heartfelt, you laugh and you cry every single time. It kick started the careers of both Dylan and Cole Sprouse and his 90’s attire is literally so sexy. Like tell me you don’t want to go to sleep in one of the t shirts he wears in this movie. You can’t.

  1. The Wedding Singer

When he goes over the speaker and sings ‘I Wanna Grow Old With You’ to Drew Barrymore on the airplane… or when he tells Linda to take off his Van Halen t shirt. Definition of sexy. Try and stop me.

  1. The fact that his wife is in all of his movies

Like, nothing is sexier than a man who wants his wife around to a point that she’s in all of his movies. That’s some serious commitment right there. You’ve got to love it and find the sexiness in it and if you don’t, well that’s on you.

  1. Grown Ups (1 & 2)

Say what you want about these movies but I will tell you if you say you don’t think he is the sexiest dad in the entire world in literally both of these then something is wrong with your eyesight. 10/10 rating start to finish all around no questions asked.

  1. Little Nicky

I know it seems like I’m rating films and not people, but Adam Sandler is literally so versatile that he can play any role, even little Nicky, and still look fooooine H E double hockey sticks doing it. You can’t even argue me here.

  1. He sings

Have you heard him sing in his comedy specials and also his movies? Absolutely theatrical. Genius. Would recommend checking it out.

  1. His weird basketball shorts that he always wears

This guy wears basketball shorts that are as long as actual pants. Why? BECAUSE HE CAN. He’s sexy  and he’s Adam Sandler. You can do anything you want when you’re sexy. Everyone’s sexy if they just believe it… and he knows.

  1. He pulls Jennifer Anniston in more than one movie

If you’re going to play the role of Jennifer Anniston’s husband… you have no choice but to be sexy.

Anyway, if you’re one of the people who gets to decide who wins the title of ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ then you should consider these points. Thank you.