A Company Called ‘Beard Tarp’ Is Making Masks for Dudes with Beards


I feel like we all have at least one man in our life, if we’re not a man ourselves. Whether it be a partner, a son, a friend, an uncle, or even just a man you see on a regular basis at Starbucks or wherever you find yourself frequently going during the week. Either way, if you have ample opportunities in a day to look at men, whether you want to or not, you’ve very likely noticed the struggle they have with the average3 mask while trying to cover up a literal clump of hair growing from their chin.

There is now an answer, though. Like, you almost feel bad for the dudes with these massive beards just trying to be law abiding citizens but struggling so hard just to get the mask to stay on their fuzzy little face. That’s where the people over at Beard Tarp come in. They’re a company based in Ontario and they’re making it easy for dudes with big beards to wear masks and live life without a struggle. How awesome is that!



Fall lineup comes in large sizes to keep even the biggest of beards protected and looking their best

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I mean, if you’re anything like me (except a bearded version) there’s nothing like a mask that fits you just right, and matches your outfit to boot. Maybe I’m the only one who puts this much thought into it. Who knows these days? Either way, this is awesome.

Apparently they even plan on being super seasonal with their masks and making them work no matter what time of year it is… like plaid ones for the winter and stuff. SO CUTE, right? I assume these will sell out fast the more people hear about them. I never thought I’d be suggesting a face mask as a stocking stuffer… but it could be perfect for the holidays.

This is a super dope idea!



The dark camo Beard Tarp is ready to blend in // Model wearing a large // Link in bio

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