A Family In Kelowna Lost $12,000 To Tik Tok


Friends, if you were ever worried about your child getting a hold of your credit card and spending too much on buying video games online or something let me hit you with a reality for some parents in B.C. who lost $12,000 after their daughter bought a bunch of likes on Tik Tok! So basically how all this unfolded was that this girls parents worked essential service jobs and left their daughter at home with her phone where she ended up purchasing a bunch of virtual coins (in real dollars) and in return got a bunch of likes and follows from famous Tik-Tokers.

The weirdest part was that the family usually spends about $40 a month on Apple purchases but when it was almost $12,000 MasterCard never even flagged it as unusual activity. So then the family messaged Apple and TikTok, both said no dice on the refund apparently... "TikTok said it's Apple. Apple said no, it's not our fault, it's MasterCard's fault. MasterCard said there's nothing we can do about that, you gave Apple permission to use your card. Everybody finger points at everybody and there's nobody that takes ownership for the absurdity of the volume of dough that disappeared in a matter of two or three weeks.” Big yikes. Either way, I think this is a perfect example for us to remember to watch our credit card charges, be careful online and remind ourselves that paying for likes and follows probably isn’t something we NEED to do.