A Gender Reveal Sparked a 10,000 Acre Fire in California


Well, this is terrifying.

2020 is the epitome if terrifying things, if we’re being completely honest. Like, all of the headlines this year have been horror film worthy. Any horror movie director could make something of what we’ve been through this year, as if it’s not scary enough already. Covid, murder hornets, the loss of Kobe Bryant… you name it, and it was horrific if it happened this year.

Gender reveals aren’t necessarily a 2020 thing specifically, but the further we get into the future, the more futuristic they become. It started with little things like a colorful cake, or a piñata, or a balloon filled with powder… and now it has become explosive, literally.

If you watch the news, or spend a lot of time in California, you know the conditions there are more than favorable for wild fires, which is why they have fire bans in place. This past weekend during a gender reveal an “explosive device” was used to reveal the gender of the baby, and it sparked (due to the fact that it was explosive) and started a massive fire. Apparently it’s over 10,000 acres big. That’s like, super big in case you’re wondering. That’s like just under 10,000 football fields if you’re trying to picture it in your head.

The photos of the explosion are blue, so it seems that the baby is a boy. Hopefully no one gets in too much trouble here as it was clearly not meant to cause any harm as these things never are, but it goes to show how serious things can turn when rules aren’t being followed.

Maybe this is a lesson to keep your gender reveals a little more simple if you’re going to do them, and to not incorporate explosive devices into your plans.