A Geologist Has Found A Very Rare Rock That Looks EXACTLY Like Cookie Monster


With everything that’s gone on the past year we need to find every little reason to smile and this is one of those little reasons. K imagine going to geology school for years, having a very successful career and then digging, to crack open this bad boy! I honestly am curious who he was with and what he said when they discovered cookie monster. Hahaha it makes me so happy

As much as I love cleansing my crystals in the full moon, I wouldn’t consider myself an avid rock/ crystal collector but man oh man there are some that exist!! Since finding cookie monster rock people have come out of the woodwork looking to buy with offers of up to $10,000!

According to Britannia.com, agate is a 'semiprecious silica mineral' and is a type of quartz. It can be found across the globe in areas with ancient lava which has settled in a cavity. The hard outer layer of rock is then penetrated by liquid, often silica which makes its way inside the existing rock and solidifies in different layers. These layers are what provide the interesting patterns within the agate. 

Mike Bowers who found the rock posted this to his facebook page and it has since BLOWN UP