A List of Gyms/Trainers Doing FREE Workout Streams Online


This is a seriously crazy time, you guys. This whole COVID-19 thing happened extremely quickly, and has made self-isolation, and in some cases quarantine, the new norm. This means your daily life has likely taken a turn in a direction it hasn’t gone in for a long time, if ever. Going to the grocery store is no longer a leisurely activity, every time you cough casually you think you’re dying, and if you get your eyebrows or your nails done that routine has basically been taken away in one foul swoop.

Another thing in your life that has likely changed is your fitness routine. If you’re anything like me, a workout is part of your everyday, and the thought of not having access to your gym (which in some cases acts as a second home) can be a scary thought. I know we can workout at home, but the motivation that takes, and the change up in exercises that you’re used to, can be hard on the psyche.

After a major weight loss, I have turned to the gym for years now in an effort to clear my head, keep the weight off, and keep my cardiovascular health top notch, among other things. Now, not being able to work out is a very scary thing for me in terms of being home all the time surrounded by food, being much less busy than normal which requires less movement, and having gyms be on lockdown completely (which is a GOOD THING by the way, the more preventative measures, the better).

Luckily, there are a lot of badass gyms and trainers using online outlets to help people like you and I who need a little motivation, or who maybe aren’t used to self-lead workouts. Here are some gyms / trainers that have been posting on social media in an effort to help out.




Hands up if you are LOVING the @ home workouts! πŸ™ŒπŸ» β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € Okay, we know it's not QUITE like the real thing, but we also know we're gonna be RIPPED by the end of this isolation from doing three tough-AF workouts per day - amiright?? πŸ˜…#moreisbetter β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € Join us EVERY day - THREE times per day at 8am, Noon, and 6pm for a 45-minute sweat sesh to break up the kitchen counter work. We're mixing in Crush, Flow, and Lab Coaches with your fave Coaches, and up to 100 of your fave Campers! 🐺 β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € Check out the full schedule (and book in your class!) on MB or visit crushcamp.com/stronger. #strongerasapack

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Barre West YYC: 



Reba Hopf (Instructor at Rumble)






Kianna and Cam from Barry's will go live TOMORROW.



Monday Mood πŸ’₯

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🍊 Tomorrow morning we’re taking oranj online! Who is with us? πŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♀️ Be sure to check our studio Facebook page and your email for the official oranj streaming schedule to keep your endorphins pumping the next two weeks! Each class will be live streamed from that oranj studio’s Facebook page. That’s right you get to do a two week oranj studio tour & take classes from instructors throughout the company without leaving your house! πŸ™Œ We can’t wait to cyber boogie with you all! • • • • • #oranjonline #oranjstudiotour #companywide #sevenstudios #cycberclass #yoga #fitness #movement #sweatlife #healthylife #takecareofyourself #kensingtonyyc #kensingtonlove #shoplocalairdrie #buylocalyyc #sticktogether #community #boogyingeverydamnday #effthestatusquo

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GRIT YYC (Also still open for business if you'd like to check out their current training deals). 



Tyler Prok




Ryan from Rumble Boxing




Amy Le




Barre Body Studio

ANOTHER OPTION, since you won’t be able to be going to your normal gym (and you’ll have some extra cash lying around because of that) is to hire a trainer that has an online based clientele. Here are some that I would highly recommend:

Liz with M12 Fitness: 




Want to train with M12 Fitness, but you don't live in Calgary? Online training is also available! All 1-on-1 and pairs training can be done virtually from wherever you are! Your living room, a hotel room. Heck, even the roof of a building!πŸ˜‰ For a more self-directed approach we also offer The Feel Good Movement on Facebook. It's a private Facebook group that gives you 3 20-minute workouts and 2 healthy recipes per week. And, your first month is FREE! Send me a DM or head to the link in my bio to get started! . . . . #calgary #calgaryfitness #calgarybuzz #calgaryliving #calgarylife #yyc #yycliving #yyclife #calgaryfitness #yycfitness #community #home #fitness #fitnessmotivation #athomeworkout #moms #funworkout #pairs #homeworkout #pair #mom #personaltrainer #online #workout #womensupportingwomen #workoutmotivation #groups #groupfitness #athomefitness #onlineworkouts

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Ellysia at FitEmpoweredMomProject